Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unplanned Events

I'm sure that many unplanned events are happy.  A surprise marriage proposal, a chance meeting with an old friend, an unanticipated delightful meal.  These all sound positive.

Sadly for me, the unplanned events in my life are usually painful.  This is mostly because I am a klutz!

The latest painful event in my life happened on Friday night, as I rushed to get my shoes to go out to eat.  Apparently though, I forgot where my furniture was located and my foot collided with one of the wooden legs of our coffee table.


Radiologist says:

Nondisplaced transverse fracture through the base of the fused middle and distal phalanges of the fourth toe.  Hairline incomplete fracture through the medial aspect of the base of the fused middle and distal phalanges of the fifth toe.  No dislocation.

That's right!  I broke two toes walking into something I actually own!  

I'm not sure if it beats the time when I broke my ankle while walking and talking, but it might.

So, for the short term, I will be resting, icing, taking ibuprofen, watching movies and going slightly insane . . .  I am not too sure yet what the long term brings, physical therapy, patience, drinking lots of milk for growing bones AND as my husband says, "No more kicking the furniture!"


  1. Owww!! So sorry to hear that! (Glad it wasn't me!) (Wait a minute, I hit my head Saturday night on the laundry cart trying to load my wet clothes into the last dryer wedged in the corner of the laundromat. Hmm.)

    Get better soon!


  2. You have a little over a week to get ready to play softball again. :)