Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome and just what is a general, non-compensatory leave?

Welcome friends!

I feel I can call you friends as most of the people reading this blog, at least initially, will be people I know personally.  This blog will be a record of my thoughts, feelings, and doings during the next 61 weeks.  Wow, 61 weeks!

That seems like a ton of time as I write that down, but I know from experience that it will speed by.  I'm sure I'll write more about that in times to come.

For now, back to the title question.  Just what is a general, non-compensatory leave?

I am an educational professional and as such, in my contract, I am periodically allowed a leave.  Most people have heard of such a thing, but they confuse it with a sabbatical.

A general non-compensatory leave is NOT a sabbatical.  Let's compare the two, shall we?

In most contracts, a sabbatical can only be taken every seven years (the word sabbatical has common roots with the word sabbath, having something to do with resting, generally every seven days/years).  In my contract, a general, non-compensatory is allowed every five years at the discretion of the superintendent.  (Here is where I say, THANK YOU UNION FOR NEGOTIATING LEAVES IN OUR CONTRACT AND THANK YOU SUPERINTENDENT FOR APPROVING MY LEAVE!)

During a sabbatical, an education professional is paid a certain amount depending on the contract.  If I had to guess (and it would only be a guess!) I think my school district pays a half-time salary for a sabbatical.  During my general, non-compensatory leave, I am paid nothing by the school district.  (This is the non-compensatory part.)  I get no benefits.  (I will do some work for pay during the year, but I also expect that the money I have been saving for the past five years will disappear.  Additionally, I will go on my husband's health insurance.)

Since one gets paid during a sabbatical, there is an expectation that one will be doing something educational, such as taking classes, getting an additional license, working towards a PhD, learning a new language, etc.  (Again, I am not exactly sure what it entails, as I have never taken a sabbatical.)  My leave does not require me to do anything.  You heard right, I have no responsibilities, nothing!  I can do whatever I want for the next 61 weeks.  If I wanted to go live in a yurt in Alaska, great!  If learning to make ice cream on an industrial scale was what floated my boat, I could go for it.  I could even sail around the world, curing my issues with seasickness!

Note:  I will be doing none of those things over the next 61 weeks.  I do have many goals, but those three are not in my current plan!

However, one of the crazy things I decided I will be doing is publishing a blog . . .  this blog.  I am not sure yet whether I will publish seven days a week or just Monday to Friday, but check back often to read about my adventures during my general, non-compensatory leave. .  .


  1. Can't wait to follow your adventures, Suze! Also, sabbatical has nothing to do with resting, in my humble opinion.

  2. Sounds very exciting and I look forward to the insights you share in the 61 weeks (and counting) of your leave.

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  4. Dang...and here I was getting all excited about your industrial-sized ice cream making lessons--so ready to help in any way I could. But perhaps we can work in a few meetings of our mutual house-cleaning/organizing/project doing, and follow said meetings with some ice cream on the non-industrial level. Anyway, here's to non-compensatory obligations! (And the part about no money...welcome to my life.) Sounds like some fun ahead. xoxox

  5. I can't remember which blogger it was that I read semi-regularly but somewhat recently she was posting that she was so happy now that when she started her blog she only committed herself to M-F instead of seven days a week.... just a thought :-)

    Congrats on starting towards one of your goals!