Thursday, July 18, 2013

Aaah, back to the office grind . . .

It feels good to get back to the office.

Yes, I really have an office, and it's not in my home.  At home, I am either distracted by all that needs to be done, i.e., dishes, laundry, managing the paper trail (my biggest problem), OR there are too many fun things to do besides working, i.e., eating, reading, watching television, talking on the phone with friends . . .

Plus, my office has air-conditioning, which is important in the summer months.

OK, full disclosure, it's not just my office, it's an office for many people.  I am a member of CoCo, which stands for coworking and collaborating.  I have privileges to be at one of their sites three days a week, and use the common areas, the kitchens, wifi, printer, etc.

And all that stuff is important to me, but they have social events too!

Back when I was starting this journey, it was often suggested to me that I just use the local coffee shop, or the library, somewhere with free wifi.  And I think for a lot of writers that would work just fine.

But I am definitely a social being and interacting with others is a vital part of my day.  And even though there were only a few people in the office today, I knew two of them, which was surprising to me as I have only been a member for a few weeks.

There's always a host at CoCo, so we had a nice chat and she let me know that there was a freshly made pitcher of iced tea in the fridge.  Moments later, I was greeted with "So how's my favorite person on leave?"  And that was from Chris the Bartender,  a really nice guy who helped me load my first photo in my post on Schr√∂dinger's Cat so long ago on June 29th.

Being able to network, asking others for help, having a quick conversation, or simply knowing that someone's paying attention, all that tells me I was right to join CoCo.  It's my office and belonging there makes me happy.

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