Saturday, July 20, 2013

Travel possibilities

Anyone who knows me, knows that I will go anywhere.  It's true.

I even went to Lubbock at the tail end one of my husband's conferences to spend a long weekend there.  His colleagues, who were getting the hell out of Dodge, were surprised that I would come to Lubbock voluntarily to spend time.  But they were wrong.

We had a blast, wandering the streets, drinking wine at the wine bar in town, driving up to Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the US.

I firmly believe every single place has some redeeming quality that would make me want to go there.

That being said, I do have a desire to go some places more than others.  And this year seems like it might be a time to go big.

Sometime in December when I started thinking about this year, I wrote a list of all the places I might like to go, all the things I might like to do.  And here is my wish list, in no particular order:

The Galapagos Islands
Churchill Manitoba to see polar bears
River Rafting through the Grand Canyon
Bicycling around the Bodensee in Germany
Sundance Film Festival
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Florida to see manatees and/or dolphins
Hiking in Scotland
Glacier National Park

I'm sure this is just a fraction of the places that I want to go.  Anyone have additional suggestions or thoughts?


  1. Do you really need additional suggestions? Perhaps you need a way to narrow down and/or prioritize the list. :-)

    Here is a link to a dolphin swim program in Key Largo that I participated in (in 1986!) but it's not the only one by far!

    Here is a link to a great manatee viewing park:
    (No swimming with the manatees.)

  2. Hmmm ... don't know how to make those links live - sorry!