Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You wrote a book? Really? What's it about?

I get this question frequently.  And I never know exactly what to say as an answer.  Because I haven't just written one book.  I have written five and a half books!  And they are all completely different.

It's simpler to choose one of the books I have written and give a short plot line in response.  I usually choose the book I wrote in 2008, the one I am trying to edit and ready for rejection by many publishers.  It's the novel that I think is the best, and the only one that I have let anyone read.

However, in the interests of putting it all out there, here are short synopses of all the books that I have written so far that have almost never seen the light of day.  If anyone strikes your fancy, let me know and maybe I'll work on editing that one next!

2007 Two Steps Forward:   Realistic fiction describing a widow moving back to her hometown after living away from it for most of her life.  She gets involved in a volunteer program with local high schoolers.

2008 Untitled:  Historical fiction set in Prohibition Los Angeles.  I also call this a gangster love story.  This is the one I am editing!

2009 Untitled:  Unfinished mystery set at a small liberal college.  A body is found floating in the pool and the water polo coach has to solve the murder. Unfinished because mysteries are REALLY hard to write!

2010 Untitled:  Realistic fiction garbage set in the Boundary Waters about a troubled marriage.  Very, very boring . . . no one will ever see this one.

2011 Untitled:  Time travel romance about a woman who likes to read Regency romances magically transported back to the Regency time to discover what a hellish time and place it actually was.

2012 Untitled:  Modern day version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing set in the Twin Cities with Benedick and Beatrice as environmental lawyers.

2013 ???

As you can see, a wide variety of mostly untitled books.  Anyone have any ideas for names?  Send them in!  I can obviously use all the help I can get!

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  1. Love your idea from 2011! I've read far too many books where the "spunky", completely anachronistic female manages to convince everyone in the 18th/19th century of women's rights... and then finds a rich, handsome, supportive, sensitive man to boot! Although from a plot perspective, how do you keep her from getting beaten to a pulp and thrown in an asylum within days of arriving??