Friday, July 26, 2013

Writer's Notebook Quotes

Some of the quotes I write down in my writer's notebook help me figure out normal conversational rhythm.  Others I write down because they make me laugh.  The rest I write down because people are bizarre.

I thought I would share a few of the quotes littered throughout my current writer's notebook. Enjoy!

Girl #1:  I hate even numbers.

Girl #2:  Well, I hate odd numbers.

Girl #1:  Oh my god, you know what number I really hate?  Six.

"Why can't you ask them where it is?" the man grumbled to his wife, as they tried to figure out where they were.

"Now, we don't want any baby T-rex arms" a swim instructor informed the kids in the pool, trying to get them to take big strokes.

And finally, from Garrison Keillor, a professional comedian:

"Is ambivalence a bad thing?  Well yes and no. . . "

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