Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Mode

I know that this blog is supposed to be about my leave and how I am going to spend it, and I promise you it mostly will be . .

But right now I'm still in normal summer mode, which for me means going back at least once during the summer to where I grew up in Venice, California.

Every day I'm happy that my toes are in good enough shape to walk down to the beach, traipse through the sand, and get into the water and play in the waves.  I love so many things about this place. . .

my family, my friends, the canals, the pier, surfers, the marine layer finally burning off into sunshine every day, waves crashing, the feel of wet sand under my toes, the way the ocean smells, the new butterfly garden, tall palm trees, knowing how to dig up sand crabs, the list goes on . . .

I'm especially looking forward to having a hot dog on a stick and lemonade while watching tanned, muscular, beachgoers play volleyball in the sand. Life is good!

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