Thursday, June 26, 2014

Query Letter

A while ago, I wrote about the confidence that I have gained by writing this blog. Recently, I had enough confidence to write a query letter.

A query letter is what you send to an agent or an editor, explaining your ideas and hopefully convince   them to ask you for more information, or even better to pay you money immediately for your writing.

After my family's trip to Italy, I knew that I could write a very good article about handicapped travel in that country. I had a lot to say, from our wonderful experience with their SalaBlu office for the trains, to the varied modifications many of the museums made to accomodate us. It was quite a positive trip.

I wasn't exactly sure what to write, but there is a lot of information about query letters on the web, so I took a look.

I read a few examples and after an hour or two, had crafted my own. I sent it off to the editor of our local newspaper.

Nothing happened. In fact, I never heard a peep from her. I didn't mind though. I was happy that I had the knowledge, determination and nerve to even try. I will try and try again, both for articles and for the book.

It bodes well for my future as a writer.

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  1. Was the query letter really good? Did it leave the reader wanting to know something that had not yet been disclosed?