Monday, June 30, 2014

The moonth of June

Here are my comments on what you said in the month of June. Luckily, there's no gloom in my heart or my weather.

One of Gustave Caillebotte's most well-known paintings
tRa proposes the theory that I first learned about Caillebotte through Masterpiece, the game of the art auction. I forgot to check before I left home, but I tried to confirm that hypothesis through the interweb. Unfortunately, the information remains inconclusive, although I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that tRa is correct.

While reading about my interviews, Anonymous noticed that the subtitle of my blog read "Oh my God only twelve weeks left!", and she encouraged me to reframe my thinking. She felt the sentiment should be: "Wow, I have twelve glorious weeks of summer left!" I thought she was right and changed my heading. Of course, now only seven glorious weeks remain.

Responding to the question of whether the ultimate reward for winning the Nobel prize is money or a permanent parking spot at UCBerkeley, M Anthony shares this article about the subject. Seems like it's clear to the professors —a place to park is priceless!

Although she hasn't always figured out how to leave a comment, my mother emailed my personal account to let me know what an incredible jewel we have in our smallest heirloom. Thanks, Mom, I agree! We'll try to keep our treasure "safe" for future generations.

Keep on responding, I love to read your comments and it assures me that there are actually people out there that read my thoughts!

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