Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen (Part II)

There is a lovely open-air museum close to where our friends live in the outskirts of Copenhagen. We went on two separate occasions, because it turned out that they open up the windmill and turn on the water mill on Sunday. So we had to go back to look at the amazing engineering. Totally worth it.

We got the chance to climb into this windmill!
The museum is on a huge piece of land and consists of over fifty buildings, including houses, barns, smithys and mills from all over Denmark and from many different time periods. It is a national museum that has been open for about one hundred years.

Look at that thatched roof — incredible!
Most of the buildings have furnishings from a specific year. It's an easy and interesting way to learn a lot about Denmark's history and way of life. And as a special treat, we ate some aebleskiver at the picnic area.

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  1. Oh! Oh! Aebleskiver! I am so jealous; I have already had my aebleskiver fix for the year. MMMmmmmmm.....