Sunday, July 6, 2014

Climbing the Brocken

OK, so I told you that to tell you this . . .

My back had been getting better each day, so we decided to go on a hike. We went way overboard and it is possible that the Brocken has broken us. It definitely bent us quite a bit. I think we were deceived by trying to figure out the kilometers.

After a short bus ride, the hike up was eight kilometers and a little over 300 meters of altitude. It was a lovely, mostly clear day (of which the Brocken has very few). At the start there were few other hikers, although they gained in number as we approached the top.

One cool surprise was a steam train that went to the top. The trains were fun to hear and to watch pass by.

The view from the peak was all that everyone said it could be.

View from the top of the Brocken

The problem was the descent. Deciding to hike back to our original starting point added four kilometers and an additional 300 meter altitude drop. Not one of our best ideas. We made it back, but were lucky that the sun sets late in Germany in the summer.

Calves, ankles, knees, and back are all still sore and recovering. Shares in ibuprofen companies should be purchased. We are grateful that bicycling is not weight-bearing, as we start our four day bike trip around Lake Constance today.

Long may the weekend warriors limp!

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