Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Internet Rocks!

Last week when I was trying out possible new names for blogs, I searched "writing disease" on the internet. Amazingly, it turns out there is actually something called hypergraphia, a desire to write so intense that it could be called a disease. There is also a condition known as skin writing, which is a disorder where your skin is so sensitive you can "write" on it.

But what was more interesting to me were the websites that were lists of the best blogs about certain diseases. seems to compile and rate blogs by, for and about living with many diseases. Crohn's disease, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis all have a list.

I clicked on the website entitled "The 14 Best Parkinson's Blogs of 2014." There are a wide variety listed. Some are written by people afflicted with the disease, others by doctors or foundations. One blog is even funded by a pharmaceutical company!

Kevin Mazur/MJF/WireImage
While I was clicking around, I found one blog post that wanted to introduce everyone to the foxtrialfinder on the Michael J. Fox Foundation website. It helps increase the flow of willing study participants. Studies need patients with Parkinson's and control patients that do not have the disease.

The foxtrialfinder asks you questions about where you live, what you're willing to do, your relationship to Parkinson's and after doing some magic calculating, lets you know what studies would be interested in having you as a participant.

It absolutely floors me at times how cool the internet can be!

PS I'm still working on that difficult post. Maybe tomorrow.

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