Wednesday, July 16, 2014

European birds

As I looked through my many, many vacation photos to create an easy post for the jet lag sort of day that today will be, I realized I had a number of photos of birds.

Because we were often near the water, we saw all sorts of birds that I could not possibly identify. They were always fun to watch.

One bird I could identify easily were the swans. They were very common and always elegant.

My last swim of the trip was yesterday morning quite early. As I was exiting the lake, I heard a strange hurmphing noise behind me. Startled, I looked back to find that a pair of swans had swum to shore only five feet away!

This bird was having fun diving again and again to nibble on something down below the pier we were on. The water was clear enough to be able to make out what it was doing.

My camera started acting up a couple of days ago, so I never managed to get a good shot of the coot that was nesting nearby the boat we were living on. It made me quite curious about the precise details of our coots' lives. 

Such amazing creatures, birds!

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