Monday, July 21, 2014

Seeking a New Name

One of the very first things that I learned about writing a blog is that I picked the wrong name for this one. Wrong name, wrong web address. OK, not wrong, but not good either.

Although it exactly explains the legal term for my year off, and sets it apart from a sabbatical, it's too long, too clunky, and just a wee bit odd. I could have called it gap year, my fantastic leave, or simply woo-hoo!

The reality is that this blog will end sometime in late August, but a new one will rise. It will need to be called something else, because no matter how you look at it, my leave will definitively be over once I start back to work.

At the moment, I think the focus will be squarely on writing, but other than that I have no details. Except that it needs a new name.

I thought about newbie writer, but that's already taken, and if I keep writing for a long time, I wouldn't want to still have that be the name. Some twist on the writing disease, from Saturday's quote by William Carlos Williams is intriguing, but I'm not sure exactly how to word it.

And lots of the good names seem to be taken: livelaughwrite, writerlylife, livewrite. I don't know, maybe I'm trying to be too clever. Or maybe the word write shouldn't be in the name at all.

This is a request for any of your ideas or thoughts on the subject, dear readers, punny, clever or just plain good. What should the new name of my weekly blog be? Thanks for thinking about it. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I really like "Roving Hedgehog," the name of one of the blogs that you follow. So I decided to analyze why. Two words that are not normally seen together makes it unique. There is a pun, although you might have to be a fiber artist to get it. So maybe that's an inside pun? Everyone knows what a hedgehog is, but it is not as common as a dog or cat. No abbreviations or hyphens.

    I do not think you need the word write. If you choose a unique name like RovingHedgehog, WaterHorse, LokisPlace, it will not prevent you from writing (after all, isn't that inherent in a blog?) conversely, it will open up your horizons to write about *anything*!

    OK, I can see that it is really difficult to come up with two words not normally seen together but that still go together. Is there anything from your recent travels that springs to mind? Do you have a totem animal? Could you use one word from a different language - perhaps commonly borrowed in English, perhaps not?

  2. Galloping Alligator, Write On, Hot Chocolate, Supinator, Winding Road, Addendum, Bonanza, Both Feat, Plethora, Sumptuous, What If?, Now What?, Sublime Plethora, Rosetta Stones, Tidal Forces, Hearsay, Divide and Share, That's Thirty, Chew on This, Rendezvous, Supposition This, Odyssey, Ponderful Percolator, Postulator, Road Rave, Irascible Me, Tranquilator, No Way Out, Almanac, Impulse, Memorandum, Cursory Solstice, Galloping Ghostwriter....