Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rain, rain go away!

Come again sometime after our vacation is over and we aren't outside every day . . . (doesn't really fit the tune, does it?)

My honey and I rode our bikes mostly in the rain yesterday. At times we were a little bit wet, sometimes more wet, and for a period of time, completely soaked. Well, at least our front sides which faced the rain.

Water, water everywhere
We tried to take a break at a museum about the Rhein River, which we crossed shortly before it enters the Bodensee. Unfortunately, it was closed. Only open from Wednesdays to Sundays. Ah, well, so goes life at times. It's a good thing we dry off easily. And that our bike tour operators supplied us with waterproof panniers.

In spite of the rain, the trip has been fascinating. We have learned about the Rhein river, Zeppelin airships, and stone and bronze age civilizations that lived in stilt houses over the lake. As an added bonus, I have managed to swim three times and hope I get the chance to swim in Switzerland before we return to Germany.

There is more rain forecast for today, but as a woman said to us yesterday, "In good weather, anyone can bicycle." I guess that means we're not just anyone. We're nuts!

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