Saturday, June 7, 2014

Unfettered Joy*

Joy is something that I usually feel only in brief, broken moments. Riding my bike downhill on a gorgeous day, skinnydipping in a clear lake, blocking a water polo shot that should have been a goal. (Interesting how all of these are physical pursuits and preferably performed outside.)

What jumped to my mind, though, when the topic was first mentioned, was, "What are fetters?"

It turns out that according to the dictionary, fetters are a chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner. In spite of that, the word is rarely used except in the negative, like uncouth. (When was the last time you met someone couth?)

Seems to me that true joy is always unfettered. If the joy had a fetter, it would somehow take away the joy.

Thinking about it all just reminds me to attempt to create more situations in which I can experience joy. 'Cause it just feels good!

* This post topic brought to you courtesy of my friend W____. It was much harder to write than the post on poodles. Remember, it lies in your power to challenge the writer! 

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