Saturday, May 17, 2014


There are times in my life when the last thing I want to do is write this blog. Evenings where I would rather just go to bed than work at crafting words for someone else's reading pleasure. Multiple occasions when I have cursed my initial decision to post a daily blog.

But just the other day I realized that writing this blog day in, day out for the last eleven months has given me something priceless. Confidence in my writing. Before I started this crazy adventure late last June, I liked writing. I thought I wasn't too bad at it, and that I might have some talent in that general direction.

Now I know I can write. At the drop of a hat, I can craft a 250-500 word essay on just about any subject.

In high school I had a speech teacher who would assign 500 word essays on random topics if you misbehaved in his class. As a "good girl" I never received one of these extra homework assignments, but after thirty years I still remember some of the topics.

Camaro. Meditation. India. Orange. (Color or fruit? Unspecified.) I have no idea how he came up with some of his ideas.

Mind you, this was in the pre-Google days, so you really had to do some quick research or some deep thinking to complete his chore. Anyone who got one of these assignments tended to not get in trouble again.

Nowadays, though, I'm thinking I could crush that. So, here's a challenge for my readers. What would you like to have me write about? Any topic, no subject too obscure or bizarre. Your new ideas would help me at those times when I'm struggling for something to write about. I make no promises about when I will write about your themes, but I will do it at some point.

So as a favor to me, what subject would you like to read about in this blog?