Friday, May 30, 2014

Another successful trip

I've been traveling a lot this year, and I am refusing to feel guilty. Flexible and frequent travel times are one of the reasons I like to have a year off. And I'm proud of all we've seen and done in this short trip. Art exhibits, ancestral villages and lots and lots of walking.

My niece and I have been having a good, and sometimes frustrating time, practicing our German skills. We have gotten very experienced at navigating the transit systems of each new city. Churches, castles, and town halls have been visited and dogs and cats have been petted at every opportunity.

There's been good and not-so-good weather as we visited town, village, city and capital. Last night in a drizzle we managed to wander into two different fests in Frankfurt, one for apple wine and one for eating. It seemed to be our duty as tourists to sample the goods at both.

It was clearly our least healthy dinner yet, but very fun. We enjoyed large glasses of apple wine that was cheaper than wine or soda, fried potato pancakes, a waffle with bananas and Nutella, and freshly peeled and fried potato chips.

Success, indeed.

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