Thursday, May 15, 2014


I felt extremely old last night. Old and cranky. Old and curmudgeonly. Why? I attempted to use some new-fangled technology to communicate with my niece in France. It didn't work out well. If I had a cane, I would have waved it around in frustration.

Someone (probably younger than me) had set up Skype on my computer sometime last year or maybe the year before. I had used it once soon after, but never since. So yesterday afternoon when I tried to sign on, I had no idea of my skype name or password.

I had the website send me a password reset to my email address. Unfortunately, there were three accounts attached to my email address. Only one of them was mine. I'm not sure how the others got there.

The problem was that the website wouldn't let me select my account to sign in. Any time I asked for more help, the site directed me to sign in for more help. It was a complete runaround. And the time to be logged in so that I could video chat with my niece had already passed.

Finally, after a few more tours around the circular track, I somehow managed to select my name and I thought that I logged in. Having no memory of my prior experience made it difficult to tell if I was really logged in. I wasn't.

So we missed our opportunity last night.  Right before I went to bed I tried one last time and it was magic. It was immediately clear that I was in, and that if only my niece were awake at four in the morning, we could have chatted.

I have high hopes for another opportunity tonight and I think it will work. But I'll try and find a cane to accompany my rant, just in case it doesn't.

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