Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hot Tubs

I have always loved water. Hot tubs are wonderful because they're full of hot, steamy water and they also have jets which are fun and therapeutic. When I was a young punk teenager, we would sneak into nearby apartment and condo complexes that had pools and hot tubs in order to use their facilities.

The closest set of apartments had no fence, but a lifeguard that took the guarding responsibilities seriously. A little further away at a bunch of condos, there was no guard, but there was quite a fence, so we had to go at night and be as quiet as possible so that security didn't get a call.

Not any of my hot tubs, just a random photo off the internet
Nowadays, I just go to my local YWCA, show my membership card and use their hot tub. It's not crowded normally and the jets always work. I went yesterday in the hopes it would help my back pain, which it seemed to do. I plan on going again later today to continue the process.

If it didn't feel so environmentally irresponsible, I would totally have one of my own. That would be cool!

PS Happy Mother's Day, Mom! If anyone else is interested in how I feel about my mom, here's what I wrote about her on her birthday, a day she really celebrates.

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