Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Many years ago today, my wonderful mother was born.  And I would like to take the day to celebrate her awesomeness!

It's hard to pick out just a few of my Mom's amazing qualities.  Her generosity is huge.  She shares her time, her spirit and herself with all those around her.  She connects with so many people, and she works hard for the connection.  I can't tell you all the times that someone has told me about something she did for them or their family.  Making meals, sending birthday cards and gift magazines to kids, or just being a sounding board to talk to, she's there for you.

Resiliency and tenacity are also a large part of my mother's makeup.  She gets on with living through any difficulties that head her way.  Even a truck literally running over her, crushing her leg, couldn't crush her spirit for long. She just kept working on healing and bringing smiles to those who worked around her.  Not much keeps her down for long.

My mom has a love of learning, a curious nature.  Besides going back to school when my siblings and I were just kids, she is interested in just about everything.  It makes having a conversation with her both easy and fun.  Her days are full with book club, dance class, lipreading class.  I'm not sure if she's still taking Spanish, but I know she'd love to go to Italy in the spring.

I hope that I can live my life as well as she lives hers.  I'm so glad I get to see her today on her birthday.  Love you, Mom!

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