Monday, October 21, 2013

A true gift

As you may know from the blogs where I discussed taking care of teens and dogs and making dinner, my honey and I were given the gift of looking after the teens, dogs and cat of our good friends.

It was truly a gift to live their lives.  We have known this family for more than twenty years, and yet I still learned things about them from our six day stint. I guess you can't really know a family until you try to walk in their shoes while picking up their kids from swim practice.

We are different people in ways big and small, and that certainly showed over the six days.  My honey and I are not particularly plugged in, and you couldn't reach us by texting, which limited how the girls could contact us. They have no way to record live network television shows.  That was difficult for us, as we usually watch our favorites hours or days after they have aired. A million small things from soda choice to bicycle placement defines who we are.

Yet I feel I know them better now and I definitely improved at living their lives. You can get better at things with practice.  I got better at picking up poop, and knowing the personality of the dogs.  I really feel I bonded with them.  I also got to know the personalities of the teenagers better.  Knowing them in a different way helps me love them more for themselves.

I have a newfound respect for my friends and how they live their life.  I feel we should thank them for asking us to do them this favor.

Plus I miss the dogs.  Good thing I'll see them tonight!

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  1. When Kent and I go out of town I'll be sure to call you guys to see if you'd like to take care of our 2 dogs and 2 cats since you seem to enjoy it so much. Sounds like you have a new calling.... :)