Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cancellations and Illness

Apparently, my high school class is pathetic.  Not enough people signed up to go to the reunion, so the company in charge of putting on the reunion has cancelled it instead.  This is after I decided to go and booked my airline ticket keeping me away from hearth and honey for too long.  (Thirteen days! Longest so far!)

But, I cannot complain too much, as I had not yet paid my money for the reunion either.  I had planned on doing it after I returned from the memorial. And now I can't.

Add to that frustration the cold I have had since Sunday.  It started in my throat, and by Monday had moved to my sinuses.  The landing on the plane ride home was incredibly uncomfortable. If kids have that much pain in their ears, it's no wonder that they scream.  I can't believe I wasn't screaming.  At the moment, the cold is still in my ears and my nose, but it seems to be diminishing.  I can't wait for total health to return.

These are not major problems, I know.  And it's time to look forward to the next adventure, which is being in charge of two teenagers for the next five days.  That should be interesting.

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