Saturday, October 5, 2013

101 — Prime, baby, prime

Today's post is my 101st.  Yes, I have made it into the triple digits, posting every day.  Most people are obsessed with numbers that end in 0, but that's not me.  My friends know that I love prime numbers, numbers squared, and numbers to the nth power.

A prime number is a number divisible only by itself and 1, and 101 is the first three digit prime.

I'm not exactly sure what I could say here that I didn't say in my 50th post.  (I guess back then I was more conventionally obsessed with numbers ending in 0.)  But I'll give it a shot.

A friend of mine remarked to me, "Well, I thought that your blog was going to be all about your leave, but I guess it can be about anything that's happening to you, huh?"

And that's right.  I look back on the titles of my blog posts and I can see what was happening in my life, what I was thinking about, and what I was doing or not doing.  It's impossible for every day of my leave to be important and meaningful, because I still have to do the dishes and the laundry, cook meals, pay the bills, get the car washed, etc.

However, I do have the luxury to look at everything that I do through the beautiful blue lens of my year off.  Because I can do some of those everyday things during the work day, thereby having more time with my honey in the evenings.  Or I can get all those things done and still jet off to Los Angeles for two weeks, attend a writing workshop, visit my family, go to my high school reunion, and come back home and do all that daily stuff again.

I get to make the decisions, regardless of the school calendar.  And that's how I have managed to write 101 daily blog posts, which is worth celebrating.


  1. This one is especially important to celebrate because it is not only fortunate and good but also the last known generalized Fermat prime. --Alias