Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shin Splints

Anytime that I run, no matter how short a time or how little a distance, my shin muscles are sore a day or two after.

Apparently, shin pain is very common amongst runners, walkers and the hybrid of the two, race walkers.  It could stem from, take your pick:

irritated muscles
tight muscles
overworked muscles
weak muscles
flat feet
stress fractures in the bones
shoes with too high a heel
inflexible shoes
running a longer distance
running faster
running on a hard surface

So, that'll be easy to figure out what causes my particular version of shin pain!  Part of my specific problem is that I think the eggbeater stroke for treading during water polo may make it worse.

But I am not going to stop playing water polo or trying to run for short distances slowly, so for each problem, I will work on solutions.  I already practice some of the tried and true strategies for preventing shin pain, i.e.,

√  Warm up walking at a slower pace at the beginning of each run.
√  Cross train, i.e., biking or swimming, once or twice a week.
√  Increase speed and distance gradually (or not at all, in my case).

The following activities need to started right away:

•  Loosen up shin muscles by doing ankle circles and toe points several times a day.  (Just did this.)

•  Stretch your shins, calves, and achilles tendons after every run.  (Next time.)

•  Perform exercises to strengthen calves and shins.  (I need to make up a list and create a time every day to do these.  My favorite that I have found so far is walking on your heels.  Note:  This is not the same as walking in high heels, something I never do.)

Hopefully, with all this attention, my shins will get looser, stronger, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

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