Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making dinner

This week of caring for two teenagers, two dogs and a cat has been illuminating.  Not having the joy of children, I have also never had the relentless pressure of making dinner every night.

I have to admit it, my honey is normally the cook at our house.  He really enjoys it and I enjoy the foods of his labor.  And we usually eat late.  But in this house, on weeknights both girls come home from swim team hungry earlier than my husband gets home from work.  So I became the primary meal planner and maker.

A big problem is that my dinner repertoire is pretty narrow.  I can only cook a few things, pasta, enchiladas, and takeout burritos.  No big surprise, then, that so far we have eaten both pasta and enchiladas. 

But I'm working on figuring out different things to cook.  Last night we had homemade pizza and tonight sweet potato soup and quesadillas are on the menu.  

I figure the takeout burritos will do in an emergency.

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