Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sitting on Teens and Pets

My honey and I currently have the privilege of taking care of our two teenage goddaughters for six days.  Plus two dogs and a cat.

The girls are super good, and we have been having a good time.  Our major responsibilities have included dinner and delivery to and from activities.  No worries at all.

The biggest problem is the poop.  That is, the pets' poop.

We have no pets of our own, so it is a big adjustment to walk the dogs and pick up their poop.  And I love these dogs, but one of them is very nervous, so he doesn't just poop and go on his way.  No, he poops a little and then takes a few steps and poops a little more, sometimes pooping in four different spots before he is done!

But after two days of picking up the dog poop, I felt like I was getting a handle on it.  Then I walked into the bathroom where the kitty litter box is placed and saw three little poops all over the bathroom floor.

We don't know why the cat is not pooping in her litter box.  Perhaps she is expressing her displeasure over something we have failed to do or done wrong.

All I know is that I am dealing with entirely too much poop!

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