Thursday, October 17, 2013

My first live chat

When I wrote the list of all the assignments in my online writing class, I didn't mention the live chats because they hadn't started yet.  I missed the chat last week due to a previous commitment, but I sat in for tonight's.

I have never been on a live chat before, and as with everything on the interweb, it worked like magic.  I typed words into the box and when I hit return, my words appeared to everyone.  There were only five of us chatting, although there are approximately twenty students in the class.  I suppose it's just who is available for that particular hour.

There was no audio or video in our chat, which was good for a first time. Either of those two things might have made me nervous.  Even with just typing, it was weird to have a five-way conversation.  I would be typing the answer to someone's question and in the span of time it took for me to type, a different topic of conversation would start.  I didn't know whether to finish my first thought or respond in the new direction.

And a few times there seemed to be no one chatting.  Maybe we were all thinking, but our thoughts were long.  At times I felt like I had to work to figure out something to add to the conversation.  Still, all in all, a new technological experience and a successful one, as well.

I'll be moving into the 2000s any day now.


  1. OMG next you will tell us that you actually have and now how to use a smartphone....

    1. Watch out for the virtual screen door!