Monday, October 7, 2013

Of cell phones and blogs

Apparently I am a source of great amusement to my extended family.  In this age of most people having  smartyphones, ipods, tablets, etc., if you call my cell phone, my greeting states that I don't actually know how to retrieve my messages.  I imply that I may never return your call.  At a recent family gathering, they teased me mercilessly about this fact.

                                               That greeting is not actually true.  It was
recorded in 2007, the dark ages of cell phones, shortly after I got my ancient calling device.  I do now know how to retrieve messages and return calls. However, what is true, is that I have no idea how to change my outgoing greeting to reflect the new reality.

The reason is that I mostly use my cell phone to make outgoing calls when I am away from home.  Often it is lost somewhere in my house with a dead battery.  I can go weeks without using it.

The good-natured torment reached a new high, however, when they discovered the existence of this very blog.  They couldn't quite believe that I don't really know my way around my cell phone, but I am technologically adept enough to publish a daily blog.  With pictures!  And occasional videos!

But it's all true.  I put it down to practice.  Writing this blog for more than 100 days has given me daily experience with my blog's software.  Downloading photos and placing them is something I try to do every day and it's pretty easy.  Those videos were more difficult, but the amazing world wide interweb has instructions for everything.

Hmmm, I wonder if it can tell me how to change my cell phone greeting?

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