Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This little thing called Facebook

I've been a member of Facebook since April 2008.  I am not sure why I joined, but the first message I have is from a good friend of mine telling me that I needed a profile pic and urging me to look at the ones she had sent me. If my memory is correct, she helped me upload it soon after, and it's the exact same profile pic that is currently on my Facebook page.

Although there have been many connections made, mostly I lurk.  I enjoy seeing what restaurants my friends and acquaintances are eating at, perusing old pictures from the summer camp of my youth, and ignoring posts that I have no interest in.

Over the last five years I have probably updated my status fewer than ten times.  It takes me months to confirm friend requests.  However, recently, some good Facebook karma worked out really nicely.  I asked if anyone had a bicycle I could borrow for a few weeks as I visit Los Angeles.

And within minutes I had a friend offer to lend me her bike.  Last night after I got to LA, I went by her house and rode the bike away.  I'm not sure I can explain how much having a bike will improve my stay here, but it's great!  I ride my bicycle at home almost every day, and it feels like getting a part of my body back.  Plus, it's freedom on two wheels.

I think that Facebook thing may have some staying power.

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