Sunday, October 20, 2013

Catching Up with an Old Blog

The first blog I ever followed was called Trial Balloon. It's a pretty convoluted story, but the blog was written by Dale Connelly for the listeners of Radio Heartland, an HD folk music station.  Dale posted Monday through Friday, the same mornings that he worked at the microphone.  He was an amazing DJ bringing listeners songs from amazing musicians like the Sons of the Pioneers, Cheryl Wheeler, Greg Brown, and oh so many more.

Dale also posted many comedy bits that had been performed by Jim-Ed Poole, his radio partner for many years on a previous radio show at the same station.  Jim-Ed Poole was the Morning Show stage name of Tom Keith, a sound effects performer for the Prairie Home Companion.

Sound effects man and tools
In any case, after DJing and blogging for Radio Heartland for seventeen months and twenty-two days, the parent organization decided to end Dale's show "in order to move the Radio Heartland platform to a more sustainable business model".

But an online community had been built, and we all know how hard it is to shake those.  So Dale decided to continue blogging for his loyal fans.  But what to call it?   His former employer owned the Trial Balloon name, so he changed a letter, reordered two others and the new blog Trail Baboon was born!

I have followed Trail Baboon at times and always enjoyed it, but I forget about it sometimes too.  But when I started thinking about blogs to add to my list, I looked up the old Trail Baboon.  And it continues on.  It used to be daily, but I'm not sure it still is.  Dale usually has a humorous take on current events, but many time his humor is local.

One of things I like about Dale's blog is that he ends each post with a question, which naturally invites comments.  And I definitely envy his small but loyal group of fans who call themselves Babooners.  Maybe by the end of my leave I will my own merry band of Cleavers?

In any case, over the coming weeks I may add to the Blogs I Follow with no additional comment.  How that area looks may also change.  You can help me broaden my horizons.

What other blogs do you follow?

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