Thursday, May 22, 2014


The only dog I've ever owned wasn't really even mine. Snoopy belonged to my brother, although she was also a family dog. Snoopy was a bit of a mutt, with some Chihuahua, beagle and I think terrier in her background. I have no idea where we got her. She was a great dog.

As an adult, I love for my friends to have dogs. I get some intermittent loving, petting, ball chasing and walking and not so much of the poop, vomit, and other medical problems. I am partial to Corgis and mutts.

I have thought very little about poodles for much of my life. I suppose that if you had asked me what a poodle looked like, the picture in my head would have looked something like this:

Photo courtesy of Purple Cow Vineyards. I don't know why.
Poodles seemed to me to be dogs that needed a lot of grooming. I wasn't sure why parts of them needed to be fluffy and other parts needed to be shaved, it was just the way things were. And since I don't expend a ton of energy on my own grooming, poodles appeared to be a time-consuming nuisance of a breed.

But at some point I became aware that not all poodles were equally groomed. Some of them just looked like regular dogs. They were all sorts of colors, different sizes and could be good working dogs as well as pets. And these regular looking poodles had a particularly cute shagginess about them.

Photo courtesy of a website about standard poodles
I'm sure there's a lot of information out there about the history of the poodle, how to show poodles, what to feed them and where to get them. I'm not so interested in all of that, especially since I'm not in the market for a dog. But if I were, I wouldn't mind a mutt with some poodle in it. They seem cool.

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