Friday, May 2, 2014

Intelligent Technology

Saint Mark's square in Venice
At some point during my Italian holiday, my new camera started taking photos on its own.

Under an ancient city wall in Pisa

All right, maybe that isn't the exact truth, but that's what it felt like. I would hear the camera click, usually as I was putting it away, turning it off, lowering it to neutral.

The angles are always quite interesting, although there is often something obstructing the lens. (As in the top photo, it's frequently my finger.)

The River Arno in Florence at night
I took over 500 photos during our twelve days in Italy and at least 38 of them were magically taken by the camera.

I've selected five photos that are somewhat representative of the whole.

Although many of the photos were blurry, I choose not to share those, just as I choose not to share my own less-than-spectacular efforts.

The ancient Forum in Rome
Maybe my camera could go to a class, to get better at framing, focussing, and choosing which photos to take.

Modern cellphones at the ancient Colosseum
I suppose there's some explanation for my experience, probably somewhere in the manual I downloaded and took with me to Italy to read in my spare time. Since I never had any spare time, I have no idea what's in the manual. I look forward to having some spare time at some point in the future to figure out the mystery.

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