Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekday Warrior

There are two somewhat opposing definitions of the term weekend warrior. I thought it was someone who sat around at a sedentary job all week, and then went out and did athletic stuff on the weekend, usually getting injured. That definition, without the injury clause, is confirmed by Merriam-Webster.

However, according to the Urban Dictionary, I have been using the term weekend warrior all wrong. It defines the term as someone who parties on the weekend.

Whichever way it is defined, I have a slightly different problem. Riffing off the athletic definition, with injury, I am a weekday warrior.

On Tuesday, I pitched a softball game and then went to water polo practice. Wednesday found me losing three particularly intense ping pong matches and then later in the afternoon going for a jog/walk.

But yesterday my body rebelled. There was a soreness in my back that kept getting worse and worse. I tried to go to the last polo practice of the season, but couldn't bend down without pain to get my swimsuit on.

So I came home, and immediately started applying the Rest Ice parts of RICE. (I never have figured out how I could Compress or Elevate my lower back.)

And so the cycle goes on. I have postponed my next ping pong match, and I will continue to rest and apply ice. Maybe this time, I'll really work on my exercises, be careful about overdoing it and it will be years before another flare-up.

Yeah, right!

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