Friday, May 16, 2014

Online television

There are so many different ways to procrastinate. I've shared my addiction to solitaire, my habit of surfing the web and taking silly online quizzes. And I've also told you about my favorite movie theater, the reality show I'd like to appear on, and my honey's nightly news show.

However, I have yet to write about the immense amount of television shows that exist on the world wide interweb. There are cable shows available to watch the following day, like the Daily Show.

I first watched this show about six years ago when we had cable for a month. We were living in Iowa during the month of January, so we had nothing better to do than stay up late and watch television. It makes me laugh.

Then there are the old eighties shows that I used to watch when they were first broadcast. The A-Team, ALF, 21 Jump Street, Major Dad. Those and many more shows are all available on Hulu, not to mention the many other sites with shows both old and new.

Cult classics, favorite shows that were cancelled too soon, British sitcoms that have never been broadcast in the US, they are all available for your procrastinating pleasure.

Binge watching these shows is the popular way to watch nowadays. Right now I'm tempted to watch tv on my computer all night long.

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