Monday, January 20, 2014

Best Movie Theater Ever

We rarely go out to see movies at theaters anymore.  In fact of the more than 200 films that were released last year, we saw exactly — two.  And one of those was on our big screen television.

But last night we went out to my favorite movie theater in town.  What's so great about it?  Well, it's got it everything you might want in a cinema experience.  To start, there's only one screen, which nowadays is both cool and rare.  But wait, there's more!

History?  Check.  It opened in 1948 and much of it remains unchanged to this day.  I'm especially fond of the poodle wallpaper in the women's lounge.

Comfort?  Yep.  They installed new rocker seats in 2007.  Cozy and snug and the arm rests have a space for your soda!

Good popcorn?  Mmmm.  Very good.  Very, very good.

Low prices?  Guaranteed.  Only $3 for a movie, with $2 bargain matinees and Tuesdays.  The concessions are also economical, our standard combo is a medium popcorn and medium root beer (both large to me) for $5.

It plays second run movies, often about to come out on DVD, but we don't mind.  Last night we watched Captain Phillips, an excellent film that is nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.  And we ate popcorn and leaned back in our rocker chairs.

Life is sweet.

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