Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Day!

"We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet . . ."
Robert Burns 

January First.  The beginning of the new year.  A new start.  A brand new day.

But couldn't every new day be a new start?  And couldn't we take and give a cup of kindness every day?

According to Shakespeare, sleep knits up the raveled sleeve of care, so when we wake each morning we have a fresh chance to look at our lives.

I know in actuality that this is difficult to do, because we need to get up and shower and feed the cat or make coffee or complete whatever daybreak routines we have.  Who has time to reflect on what they want the day to bring, or think about what kind of person they would like to be?  But it seems like a good idea to be able to start over again more than just once a year.

To resolve to be nicer, eat less, drink more, and shovel out our sidewalks as soon as the snow falls instead of leaving it there because it's too cold and it makes us whiney just thinking about going outside.  And if we fail to be our best selves on any given day, we can give a cup of kindness to ourselves, drink it and start over when next the sun rises.  At least, that's what I'm going to try to do for the next  365 days.

Thanks for reading my philosophizing.  It sounded better in my head than it looks on the page.  Of course, that is often the case.

But now, I'm off to drink some kindness in a cup, so I want to wish everyone a . . .

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