Sunday, January 19, 2014

How Brave the Young

My niece left yesterday morning for a semester abroad in France.  We talked a few times in the past week, and our conversations got me thinking.

How brave young people are.  They constantly have to do things that they have never done before.  That sort of continual fearlessness required to just live your daily life when everything is always new can be forgotten by us more mature folks.  We are so used to speaking up for ourselves, asking for help, or figuring out how to use public transportation in a foreign land.  Things can sometimes be difficult, but life no longer requires massive amounts of courage.

I am also very jealous.  Her trip makes me remember my own young days when I enjoyed travelling for months and living abroad for long periods of time.  I didn't have very many possessions, and I didn't care too much about the ones I had.  Now I'm all stable and grown-up, and my house is full of stuff.  Taking off into the wild, blue yonder for good isn't currently an option for me.

So, I need to take some of that bravery that I once had as a youth, apply it to my writing, and get it ready to send it off for its first rejections.

And after that, I'll go hang out with my niece in Europe!

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