Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alice's Cats

My mother-in-law had cats from an early age.  My honey has a long list of cats that were around the house growing up.  Gidget, Sissy, Bandit, Stripe, Tiger, Samson, Faith, and Lily are the names he could come up with at short notice.

Faith and Lily were the two that lived at Alice's house when I knew her.  She really loved those cats and went to great lengths to care for them.  They were related somehow (one was the mother and the other a daughter), but unfortunately they didn't get along at all.  So Alice had an elaborate scheme to keep them apart.

Lily lived most of her day on the bottom floor of the house, a finished basement.  But she got to go upstairs any time that Faith went outside. There was a small sign on the door handle of the nook where Faith went in and out. One side read 'Faith is in' and the other 'Faith is out'.  That way Alice always could check whether Lily could have the run of the house or not.

She very much enjoyed the cats and all the mischief that they can get into. When Alice went to live in an assisted living center, she gave her last cat, Faith, to her daughter to care for.  But I know Alice missed having a cat around.  Shortly before she passed away, Alice's granddaughter brought one of her cats with her to see her grandma.  It meowed and purred and generally frolicked around.  I hope Alice was comforted.

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