Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Negatively Cold

I didn't write about the extreme cold yesterday, mostly because I didn't really experience it very much.  A few days after we returned from our North Shore adventure, we jetted off to Florida to visit family and only returned late yesterday evening.

Open field habitat in a Florida state park
And although it turned cold yesterday in Florida too, their hard freeze is nothing compared to how frigid it was when we returned home.  It seemed even worse than it actually was because we didn't take any cold weather gear on the trip south.

On the jetway from the plane you could see your breath.  There was a line for the taxis and everyone tried to stay away from the open door while waiting because the outside was just too darn cold.

When we got home, the heating pipes hadn't frozen, but the cold water at the kitchen sink wasn't running.  Some time spent heating the pipe with a hair dryer (the only thing we ever use it for) got the water flowing again.

Luckily for us, we won't have missed all the cold weather, because the below freezing temperatures are hanging around today too, just for us!

Today should be a good day to hang around the house and get stuff done here.  I'll probably drive my honey to work so that he doesn't get frostbite riding his bike, visit the library, and then spend much of the day camped out in the warmest spot in the house, right next to the radiator.

Stay warm and stay safe!  Expect tales of my warm southern experiences for the next few days . . .

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