Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Most days I write this blog at home or at my office, both of which provide me internet service.  Occasionally, I create some of it at one of my local libraries or at a coffee shop with free wifi.  But every once in a while, I get desperate.

The day I flew down to Florida I knew that I would have little time or opportunity to publish a post.  Since I didn't write it ahead of time, my original plan was to finish my daily writing at the airport before flying out. Unfortunately, the free airport wifi was not working.  And we were going to drive straight from Orlando to a Florida state park to spend the night in a cabin with my family.  I had severe doubts (later justified) that the state park would have what I needed.

I'm too cheap to pay for the wifi on the airplane, so I hoped to find one of those cafes where I could trade my buying a coffee for using their magic electronics.  However, it turned out that internet-enabled coffee shops are few and far between in rural central Florida.

So, I found myself with no other choices but McDonald's.  We had some burgers off the dollar menu, I enjoyed a small order of fries and I used their wifi to write and publish for my daily readers.  Not a bad trade.

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