Friday, January 31, 2014

January Review

Looking back on January from the end it seems like it's been mostly cold and snowy here.  Five extreme cold days with no school, and lots of shovelling snow.  On the other hand, I started out the month in Florida, so I might just have a very short memory.

It's fun to spend a few moments to look back at what people have said in the comments section, in emails, on the phone or in person.  One thing I have realized is that different people read this blog in different ways.  Some read every day, and others binge read.  That is, a whole bunch of posts at one time to catch up.  Makes me no never mind how you read, just so you do!

tRa spotted my reflection in the glass as I took a photo of the cat and puzzle.  Excellent eagle eyes!  I didn't realize it was there, as I am usually quite careful about showing pictures of myself in the blog.

Kelly reminds me that just because I can't post doesn't mean I can't write. I can always double post when it gets fixed.  Good point to remember if the website goes down again.

Over twenty people liked the news of my puzzle championship.  I posted here and mentioned it on facebook.  It's easier to like things on facebook than on my blog.  

One of my cousins appreciated the strategy of the big calendar with big red Xs.  She thought it might be obsessive to run out and get one, but I think it's efficient.  Of course, I just printed a small one off because I'm too lazy to hang anything on the wall.

And finally, thank you Jim for posting another awesome youtube video of the master Pete Seeger.  I could watch him over and over again.

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