Saturday, January 25, 2014


I love libraries.  Anytime I move somewhere new, the first thing I do is send a postcard to myself so that I have quick proof of residency.  As soon as the postcard arrives, it's time to take it to the local library and get me a card.

Here's a small sampling of my collection of library cards.  There are cards from Scotland, California, various institutions of higher learning, even one from the nation's library, the Library of Congress.  I'm pretty proud of that one.

I'm lucky to live in an area where there are three different library systems (one city and two county) I can bike or bus to.  Plus, there are three more county systems within easy driving distance.  Each system has different items and different strengths.

There are many services that the libraries provide beyond lending books and movies.  There are book clubs, concerts, author visits, and even study rooms.  I'm thinking about using their study rooms as an additional office when I can't go to my coworking space.

Currently, I have way too many books and movies checked out. There is no possible way I could read and watch them all within the borrowing time frame.  But that's the joy of the public library, I can return any items unread and unwatched.  It all costs the same amount.

I try to do all my library errands on the same day, but it doesn't always work out.  So I end up at various libraries more than once a week.  However often it happens, going to the library makes me happy.

A while ago, I wanted to have a bar like Cheers where everyone knows my name, but I don't drink enough.  Then I realized, the library is my bar. A lot of the librarians know my name and I know them.

Libraries are way better than a bar.  Lot less beer, though.

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