Sunday, January 26, 2014


Pride goeth before destruction.
Proverbs 16:18

The day after I bragged about writing 211 posts without missing a day, I had an hour of panic.  The server that I use for this blog was not working.  At first I thought I was doing something wrong, but no, the site was definitely not functioning correctly.  

Great timing, my sarcastic brain reasoned.  I kept checking every few minutes, but after it still wasn't behaving itself, I decided to limit my obsession to trying to connect every fifteen minutes.  I had plenty of other writing and reading to do anyway.

Luckily, whatever bug was hanging things up got taken care of by some really smart, invisible bug fixers, and I could write and post my blog as usual. Whew!  

The situation reminded of a mistake I made a couple of weeks ago.  I scheduled the post for the wrong time, and my post didn't come up at 6am as it usually does.  An alert reader called me to make sure everything was OK. I quickly fixed my error and I'm not sure anyone else even noticed.

Those two incidents got me thinking.  As proud as I am of my streak and as much as I will do my best to continue it until I go back to teaching full-time, failure is an option.  The server could be down, the power could go out, or heaven forfend, I could make some bigger mistake, and there would be no post.

And that would be allright.  I'd be sad and probably mad, but I would survive. (I'm sure all my readers would manage to endure.)  I would start counting at Day One again.  Because failure is just the chance to have a new beginning. And don't we all love a new beginning?


  1. On Friday, I read "I Love Apple" but later in the day, "Alice's Cats" was the top post. I could not figure out what had happened. Eventually, though, "I Love Apple" returned. Not sure if this is the same glitch you speak of, but it was a glitch, for sure! Keep blogging!

  2. Just because you can't post it doesn't mean you can't write can always post 2 in one can't leave us hanging without the daily post. :)