Saturday, January 11, 2014

After Dinner Treats

Many of the family were staying in this charming cabin in a Florida state park.

To someone in the habit of carrying everything on their back while sleeping on the ground, it was definitely glamping. Two bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower, a lovely open living room and dining area, as well as a full size fridge, stove, and dishwasher in the kitchen.

And the porch?  What an expanse!  Rocking chairs, ceiling fans, a picnic table . . . all behind a well-built screen.  Maybe there are mosquitoes with the heat in the summertime.

In any case, since we were having a luxury experience, a few forgotten items were needed.  My brother and I went out for wine, paper towels, pretzels, and "oh, we don't have any dessert" one of my nieces called as we walked out the door.  "Bring some back!"

A mini-mart attached to a gas station was the closest store and it had pretzels, paper towels and even wine.  But it had nothing resembling dessert except Grandma's cookies and bags of mini-donuts.  We didn't think either choice would be appreciated.

My sharp eyes spotted a Dairy Queen next door.  I thought an ice cream cake would do the trick for our hungry hordes.  We decided that since we were getting a cake, we might as well get something written on it, but we didn't know what.  Finally, I suggested, "Dessert."  After all, that's what the request was for.

We both giggled at the idea and told the man behind the counter what we wanted.  He passed our request on to the cake decorator who took our cake to the back.  I thought about a reminder about how to spell dessert but decided not to.  (Found out later that my brother had the same thought, but hadn't followed through either.)

So, here's what the cake looked like:

And once it was done, there was nothing to be done.  We carefully avoided each other's eyes as we paid and took the cake out to the car, where we broke into hysterical laughter.

Well, I guess some deserts are truly sweet!

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