Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Recap

December has been a good month, mostly snowy and cold.  Some things came to an end, like my nano novel and my online writing class.  Other projects have started or rather restarted, like my couch potato to marathon in three years project.  And as we head toward January with its resolutions, and new beginnings, it seems right to look back on this last month and revist some of my posts and your responses.

Thanks Amy for your congratulations on my big win and letting me know I'm always a winner in your heart.  Thanks to everyone for enduring my blabbing about my novel the entire month of November, and sorry that I probably won't let anyone see it ever.

Regarding having to sled on sand, yes, Doug, I am glad that I live where it feels like there is snow six months of the year.  However, I think the recent cold snap of 10 below zero is a little too much!

My stepdad shared a video about the LAD artery, where he had his heart attack and where his stent was put in.

It's called the widow maker's artery and when it is completely blocked, the doc says you've got less than five minutes to get to a hospital.   I'm sure glad that it was only 99% blocked and that his recovery is going very well.

My honey told me that a better title for my winter walking post (or at least this photograph) would have been the Michelin Woman.

Thanks Kristi for tipping me off about the 30-day challenges when I was sharing my attempts to "get fitter".  Expect to see an upcoming post about my experiences, successes, failures and modifications of those challenges!

While talking on the phone with someone about my post on my in-laws' romance, she confessed that she was curious about how much time had passed between the break-off of the relationship and the rapprochement.  My honey says that he thinks a little over a year went by before his father had squared everything away with his family and Robert felt that he could try to find Alice again.  And he really had to look, because by that time Alice was working at Coker College in South Carolina, far from where they had met in Chapel Hill.  How did he find her?  I'm still not sure, except that I know he didn't have Google to help him!

Finally, as always, thanks to everyone who reads these ramblings, whether you comment or not.  It's fun to write knowing I have an audience.  I hope that all of you had many wonderful moments in the month of December, just as I did.

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