Monday, December 23, 2013


Because we had some friends over to celebrate the solstice on Saturday, the public areas of our home are pretty darn clean.  My honey vaccuumed everywhere, including underneath the sofa cushions.  The coffee table was completely cleaned off, except for a few coffee table books.

The heirloom dining room table was also wiped down and two extra leaves were added.  The toilet, sink, and mirror were all polished and new guest towels were put out.  The house still looks amazing today.

But at what cost?  Well, first off, general exhaustion yesterday was one of the prices paid.  I accomplished very little of note the entire day.  Additionally, it was lucky that no guest opened any of the doors to the non-public rooms. Nothing would have fallen out at them, but they would have been shocked by the clutter inside.  (There are no photos in today's post for a reason!)

Now the task is to go into the bedrooms of the house and deal with all the papers, clothes and bicycle parts that we own.  How long will it take?  Ask me again next winter solstice. . .

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