Sunday, December 8, 2013

Storyboard Party!

the detritus of storyboard creation
Way back in late November, I shared the valiant tale of my first attempts to create a storyboard for my novel.  I may have implied that I would immediately work on a third version of my storyboard that very day.  

Not surprisingly, that didn't happen.  (I believe I have mentioned my tendency to procrastinate?)

In any case, on Friday and Saturday I attended a class taught by my online instructor that promised more hands-on help for the process.  So here is try number three:

This is a chronological retelling of the events of my main characters, pink for the woman and blue for the man.  Unusual for me to be so traditional in my color choice, but it worked visually.  However, the time spanned seemed too long for a regular sized novel.

So, I decided to experiment with a storyboard for my female main character only, as hers is the stronger story.  With the instructor's support, I chopped off the first two legs and shifted the others over.  The events in the first two legs will be backstory placed elsewhere in the novel.  So, here's my fourth attempt.  The dark pink stickies are present events, and the light pink ones are flashbacks.

Now all I need to do is completely move the scenes around in my novel. Cool, huh?

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