Monday, December 30, 2013

The Perfect Post

"Last night I had the strangest dream . . . "
Ed McCurdy

OK, it was the night before last and there weren't any countries pledging to do away with war and maybe the dream wasn't so strange.  Still, it was a first for me.

On and off, for most of Saturday night, I dreamt about this blog.  Specifically, I dreamt about the perfect blog post for today.  It had a great title, at least four paragraphs and a kick-ass ending.  (I always sweat the endings!)

Unfortunately, I can't remember a single detail about the dream.  I know that it was perfect, but I don't remember the title, topic, ending, anything!  I know that I thought about it continually during the night, and my one memory is that I kept telling myself to write it down.  But I was sleeping or at least half asleep, so I didn't write down a word.

Maybe someday it will come to me, because it sits right outside my brain, teasing me with its perfection, like a lyric that I can't quite come up with.  But if I'm lucky, and I stop thinking about it for a little while, it may come back to me.  I'll let you know.

But until that time, I'm putting a notebook, pen and a headlamp at my bedside.  Just in case.

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