Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Earrings

For someone who doesn't really celebrate Christmas, I realized that I have a lot of winter holiday themed earrings. . . and I love wearing them!  This confuses some of my friends and colleagues who hear me say "no gifts" and "bah, humbug", but then notice my head jingles when I walk.

What can I say?  I'm complicated.  Here is some of my beloved Christmas jewelry.  I don't know where my Santa earring is, because I haven't seen it since last year.

The candy cane is simple and fun, but the other two are awesome!  The small Christmas lights dangle nicely against each other, and although they don't light up, I think it was a really clever idea to put them on an earring.  But the jingle bells are my favorite.  They ring softly whenever I move my head, and although that could be really annoying, it isn't.  Instead, it is gentle and pleasant and it makes me smile.

In the future, I imagine that I'll continue my complex life and wear my Christmas-y earrings while not celebrating Christmas.  I like both of those decisions.

And for all of you?  I hope everyone had a lovely yesterday, however you chose to spend it.

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